Vicpuntzero in collaboration with the Episcopal Museum of Vic (MEV) offer you the chance to take a tour, which has been specially adapted to focus on  specific skills for activities from Primary or Secondary school curricular.  Along with two workshops, the main aim of the educational initiative is to develop an interest in history, providing tools to become familiar with the past, understand the present and actively participate in building the future. 

In this respect, the educational activities that we offer affect meaningful learning, make learning communities relevant in the building of knowledge and provide the necessary tools to develop critical thinking among boys and girls, young and old. Therefore, we start by asking questions instead of giving facts, by reflecting on our actions rather than the simple transmission of knowledge, by reviewing historical sources and not simply accepting one specific viewpoint, by questioning and not presuming. All of this can be done by applying a participatory and critical methodology, which establishes a dialogue between the past and the present.

Educational activities for the 2021/2022 academic year: 

Guided tour: ‘Vic, art and history. A fantastic journey back in time!’

Archeology Workshop: ‘Following the heartbeat of the stones.’

Art Workshop: ‘Revealed! Art and history in prints.’

These activities take place both in the Vicpuntzero space and in the MEV.

Price per group: 95€
Reservations in the MEV