Mapping at the Roman Temple in Vic

One space, two thousand years of history.

We tell you the story of the Roman temple enclosure with video mapping techniques. At the highest point of the historical center, the southern wall of the Roman Temple serves as a canvas to explain this place that has changed over time.

The mapping is part of the VICPUNTZERO project, a project that highlights the importance of this place where we are, not only the Roman Temple precinct, but the whole block of houses that we call “Illa de la Pietat”, located at the highest point of the historic center, which has been one of the points from which the city was structured.

On this block of houses, the long history of Vic becomes more apparent than in any other. Here we find the Roman Temple, from the 1st century AD, the oldest archaeological rest of the city, and in the same place, around it, the remains of the medieval castle from which part of the city was ruled for centuries. Attached to the castle was the Romanesque church of St. Sadurní, of which we can see several remains and which over the centuries expanded and became the church of the Pietat, this great Baroque building built in the 17th century.

It is, therefore, a collection of buildings closely related to each other and that form a heritage set of great value for Vic, in a place that we consider to be a foundational space because there is the oldest rest of the city – the Roman Temple – which was located in a pre-eminent place of the city, which was founded by the Romans.

Two thousand years of history in one space, two buildings in one, on the place where Vic began.

Free evening activity.
Duration: 5 minutes.
Programming on special dates

Visiting the space

The origin of a story

Visiting the Vicpuntzero is an immersive experience that leads us to the highest point of the historical center, where Vic began 2000 years ago with the creation of the Roman city of Auso. Today, this same epicenter becomes the starting point for the visitor to discover the city of Vic, and to be able to interpret his past and understand his present. This is where our history begins…

The Vicpuntzero experience is a guided tour that reinterprets the architectural ensemble of the Baroque church of La Pietat with its bell tower and the archaeological site of the Capella Fonda, with late medieval and ancient remains. Finally, visitors can enjoy the audiovisual immersive called ‘Vic, a journey through time and art’, where we are offered a tour of the city’s history with art as a driving thread, with a powerful and innovative technological proposal.

A mention should be made of the architectural intervention, which has highlighted this heritage complex, carried out by the architect Toni Gironès, which has been finalist of the awards of Arts and Design Promotion (FAD) in the category of City and Landscape 2021.

Educational Activities

Vicpuntzero in collaboration with the Episcopal Museum of Vic (MEV) offer you the chance to take a tour, which has been specially adapted to focus on  specific skills for activities from Primary or Secondary school curricular.  Along with two workshops, the main aim of the educational initiative is to develop an interest in history, providing tools to become familiar with the past, understand the present and actively participate in building the future.