Take a break and think: you are at the highest point in the historical centre of Vic.

The bell tower of the church of La Pietat, Baroque in style, was inaugurated in 1695. The original dome was decapitated in the second Carlist war in the 19th century, and after several alterations it was restored in 2009 during work to consolidate and refurbish the church.

The bell tower of La Pietat is a great vantage point over the town and its surrounding area.

In the foreground the cathedral can be seen, with the roofs of the houses and churches of the historical town centre. Further away, to the north, is the Eixemple Morató, the first neighbourhood planned outside the walls. Through the other openings we can also see all the surroundings of the town, fading away across the Plain. A landscape with its villages, and in the background the hills of the Montseny, the Serres de Bellmunt, the Guilleries… and on clear days, the Pyrenees.