This chapel is dedicated to the Holy Martyrs. It is where religious services take place today. The chapel was built in the 18th century, some time after the church of la Pietat was completed.

The chapel is dominated by a carving of the two martyr saints Lucian and Marcian. All the paintings decorating it are by the artist from Vic Marià Colomer. He painted them in the 18th century and they deal with the patronage of the saints in the town of Vic.

Veneration of the Holy Martyrs in Vic comes from an old legend that some of their relics were found in the former Romanesque church of Sant Sadurní in the middle ages.

The cult of these saints lasted so long that a local tradition arose that they had been born in Vic and they were chosen as patrons of the town. They were its patrons from 1551 until 1862, when they were replaced by the town’s current patron, Saint Michael de Sanctis.