We are in the central nave of the Baroque church of La Pietat. This church was very popular. We have to imagine it packed with the people who came to venerate the martyr saints Lucian and Marcian, as tradition has it that their relics were kept here.

Construction of La Pietat began in the first half of the 17th century on the site of the former Romanesque church of Sant Sadurní. From the outside we can still see part of its front at one side of the building.

Building work took many years and was paid for out of alms and with the help of various bodies and guilds in the town.

This is the first church built by the Morató family, a Vic dynasty of up to five generations of master builders and sculptors. They are behind most of the grand houses, churches and altarpieces in Vic, and their work, also spread around other towns and villages, includes some of the leading examples of Catalan Baroque.

Today this part of the church of La Pietat is used for exhibitions and cultural events.